Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud

Systems Biology meets AI.

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Continuously updating biomedical knowledge

Combining Systems Biology and AI to rapidly grow knowledge from data.

Biomedical Intelligence Cloud

We set out to create a next-generation bioinformatics and precision medicine platform. One that is fundamentally driven by data and able to learn over time. It works with multiple data modalities including DNA, RNA, protein, epigenetic and clinical data. It performs advanced network and pathway analyses and produces beautiful pathway visualizations. But most importantly, it uses data to constantly grow biomedical knowledge. Through automated mining of large collections of omics and clinical data — using advanced bioinformatics, machine learning and semantic AI technology — the Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud grows knowledge using explanatory and predictive models accessible within a common graphical knowledge base which we call CURIETM.

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Selected customers and partners

Your data grows exponentially. What about your knowledge?

Biomedical Intelligence turns public and proprietary data into a dynamic knowledge graph to serve one organization or the entire community.

For your advantage and that of others

We help organizations turn data into knowledge that leads to cures for patients.

Pharma R&D

Immediately generate new insights from large omics datasets. Identify biomarkers, disease subtypes and new target leads through systems-level analysis. Build a private knowledge graph integrating proprietary data and tens of thousands of datasets already in the Cloud.

Genome Centers

Analyze genomes, exomes and targeted panels. View your data in the context of other data repositories and thousands of genomes. Identify actionable variants and turn data into fully interactive reports connecting variants, genes and pathways.

Clinical Research

Identify causal aberrations in germline and tumor genomes. Collaborate across teams of experts to define actionable strategies. Collect and analyze response data and apply the knowledge to new cases.

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