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New Mapping immunotherapy resistance pathways with the CURIE Knowledge Graph.Watch our PMWC 2019 talk here.

Leverage Data4Cure's Platform and Expertise as Part of Your R&D Strategy

Data4Cure provides pharmaceutical companies and other research organizations with access to the Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud - a leading cloud platform for growing biomedical knowledge from data. We also work with Fortune 500 companies, biotechs, hospitals and research institutes to provide add-on services, help generate new insights from large biomedical data and develop new genomics and AI-driven tools and applications.

Full Service Bioinformatics

Leverage Data4Cure's extensive expertise in genomics, bioinformatics and systems biology. With our Biomedical Intelligence Cloud and added services we provide end-to-end support for all bioinformatics projects.

Target Indentification Projects

We combine the wealth of data and data-driven knowledge in the CURIE Knowledge Graph and proprietary systems biology and machine learning algorithms to identify and provide support for new targets.

Biomarker Identification Projects

Data4Cure engages in focused projects aiming to identify new biomarkers for precision medicine. Such projects often combine comprehensive evidence from the CURIE Knowledge Graph, Data4Cure's systems biology tools, and project-specific data from our customers.

Drug Repositioning Projects New

The CURIE Knowledge Graph tracks evidence for thousands of disease conditions. Leverage it to identify possible new indications for therapies in your portfolio. Our team adds additional value by helping you navigate through all of the evidence and applying the latest machine learning tools in our toolbox.

Combination Therapy Projects New

Leverage Data4Cure's multidimensional molecular maps and integrated disease and drug evidence to identify disease pathways amenable to combination therapy. Take it to the next level with our back-end machine learning and systems biology pipelines that help prioritize the most promising combinations.

Cutting-edge Machine Learning

The Biomedical Intelligence Cloud provides an extraordinary data resourse to fuel machine learning algorithms. The platform comes equiped with many such algorithms. Our team has additional methods ready to go on the back-end.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) plays a big role in building and updating the CURIE Knowledge Graph. Our team has the tools and expertise to help you address yours specific NLP challenges and needs.

Ontologies and Data Integration

Ontologies are another key aspect of the Biomedical Intelligence Cloud and the CURIE Knowledge Graph. We have extensive domain knowledge dealing with gene, pathway, disease, phenotype and drug ontologies, to name a few. Let us know how we can help.

Tailored Biomedical Intelligence Applications

The Biomedical Intelligence Cloud is currently equipped with over 12 different bioinformatics and machine learning applications that are available on the platform. We are building new apps all the time. Let us know if we can help by building one for you.

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"We worked with Data4Cure to develop new bioinformatics applications along with their cloud-based deployment and building out user interfaces. Data4Cure has provided an extraordinary level of service, going far beyond our initial expectations. Work was completed on time and on budget. Highly recommended."
Director of Business Development, Top 50 Fortune Global 500 Company

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