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A data platform that knows biology

Prior knowledge combined with powerful algorithms to deliver high-performance precision medicine applications.

Biomedical Intelligence Cloud

We set out to create a bioinformatics platform unlike any other. Yes, it processes next-gen sequencing data. It works with multiple data modalities including DNA, RNA, protein, epigenetic and clinical data. It also performs advanced network and pathway analyses and produces beautiful data visualizations. But most importantly, it uses data to constantly grow knowledge within your organization. Through automated mining of large collections of omics and clinical data — using advanced machine learning and semantic technologies — the Biomedical IntelligenceTM Cloud builds explanatory and predictive models that you can access as easily as you access literature — within a common graphical knowledge base which we call CURIETM.

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Our customers and partners include leading pharma, biotech and technology companies, and renowned research institutions.

Your data grows exponentially. What about your knowledge?

Our platform turns public and proprietary data into a dynamic knowledge graph to serve one organization or the entire community.


Data4Cure CURIE is a data-driven dynamic knowledge graph that powers the Data4Cure Biomedical Intelligence Cloud. CURIE spans hundreds of thousands of biomedical entities including genes, proteins, complexes, pathways, biological processes, as well as phenotypes, disease conditions and therapies. CURIE learns the connections between these entities and the impact they have on one another by mining biomedical literature, curated databases and thousands of raw datasets. CURIE continuously grows and learns over time as new data are added to the Cloud and new analysis are being performed.

Analyzing data vs. growing knowledge. Where do you want to be?

The Biomedical Intelligence Cloud extracts new knowledge from your data to directly expand your organization's knowledge graph.

For your advantage and that of others

We help organizations turn data into knowledge that leads to cures for patients.

Pharma R&D

Immediately generate new insights from large omics datasets. Identify biomarkers, disease subtypes and new target leads through systems-level analysis. Build private knowledge network from proprietary data and thousands of datasets available on the Cloud.

Genome Centers

Analyze genomes, exomes and targeted panels. View them in the context hundreds of data repositories and thousands of other genomes to comprehensively annotate and home in on actionable variants. Turn to fully interactive reports for in-depth investigation.

Clinical Research

Identify causal aberrations in germline and tumor genomes. Share data and results; collaborate across teams of experts to learn about the disease and define actionable strategies for each patient. Collect response data, stratify and apply the knowledge to new cases.

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